Elena Alonso Fernández

Born in Vigo (Spain). Lives and work in Berlin.


Academic education

2014 – 2018     MA degree “Art in Context” at the University of Arts Berlin (UdK). Tutor: Profesor Jörg Heiser.

2004 – 2007    Fine Arts at the University of Arts of Salamanca. Specialization in painting.

2007 – 2008    University of Arts Aalto, Helsinki. Erasmus scholarship.

2008 – 2009    University of Arts, Barcelona. Séneca scholarship.

2009 – 2009    Certificate for Educational Practice (C.A.P.). University Alfonso X El Sabio.

2011 – 2012      Internship in the gallery Haus am Lützowplatz. Leonardo da Vinci scholarship, Berlin.


Artistic practice

2018     Groupshow “Ufer Open”, Uferhallen, Berlin.

2018     Groupshow at the “Rundgang” der UdK, Berlin.

2018    Solo-exhibition “Ay mija, no es fácil!” (Ay mija, it´s not easy!), Center for Art and Design in Santiago de Cuba.

2018    Participation in the XIII mural painting Bienal “Internos”, Santiago de Cuba.

2017    Solo-exhibition “Let me be your mirror Skwierzyna”, Culture House Skwierzyna, Poland.

2017    Groupshow “Post-Internet Show”, gallery “Desing und Transfer”, Berlin

2016    Exhibition “Let me be your mirror, Bernau”, Kantorhaus. Part of the event of the “Monuments with open doors” in Bernau bei Berlin.

2016    Exhibition of the project “Let me be your mirror, Bernau”. Part of the exhibition “Bernau meets Skwierzyna”, Culture House of Skwierzyna, Poland.

2016    Participation in the XII mural painting Bienal “Internos”, Santiago de Cuba.

2015    6 Month participatory project “Let me be your mirror, Bernau” as a part of the project in the public space Kontext-Labor-Bernau 2015. Exhibition in Kantorhaus and Heeresbekleidungsamt, Bernau.

2014    Online-exhibition of the project “Let me be your Mirror”.

2012    Collaboration with the artistic duo “Herakut” by the opening performance of the exhibition “Jukebox Kontrovers”, Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin.

2012    Day of the open doors at the Studio Pou, Barcelona.

2009    Design of the Skulptur in open space “Työlainen on Lähtenyt” (The worker has gone) for the Powerplant Hanasaari A in collaboration with the company “Helsingin Energy” and the artist Antton Mikkonen, Jumpei Shimada and Elise Martineau.

2008    Groupshow “Kevat Salonki”, Atski gallery, Helsinki.

2008    Groupshow “Tervetuloa!”, gallery P2, Check Republic.

2008    Ahne Festival 08”, Helsinki. Animation “Escrutinio Evolutivo” in collaboration with Ariadna Mangrané.

2008    Presentation and exhibition of the project “Trip in the Bag” in the artist residency Kemijärvi.

2004 und 2005    Dance Performance with the contemporary dance group Zoid Productions at Glastonbury Festival, England