Pozwól mi stać się twoim lustrem, Skwierzyno (Let me be your mirror, Skwierzyna), 2016-2017

The Projekt Pozwól mi stać się twoim lustrem, Skwierzyno (Let me be your mirror, Skwierzyna) its a participatory painting project that seeks to create a portrait of the city of Skwierzyna (Poland). The type of portrait examined here, goes beyond the subjective interpretation of the artist. It is create in a process in which residents are invited to become active contributors and co-authors of it. They had the the opportunity to choose a painting motif related to their city according to their wishes, and to enlighten its context through a text in the exhibition. Out of this cooperation with the locals resulted a kind of a “mediated self-portrait” of the city, wich rather than a merely reflection of a society and its context, wants to create a possibility for expression and self-determination.

Recognition is central term for this project. The pictures and texts serve as monuments, not just for each participant but also for the whole community, of at least for anyone who wants to identify with them. With this idea, the artist refers to the tradition of the commissioned portrait as a memorial and its importance for personal fame. But she translates these functions into a new context and frees them from its bourgeois exclusivity.

All the residents in the city where welcome to participate in this project without any selection process. The concept of collective identity that this project supports, it is a very thin concept wich allows a porous diversity of identities, wich a pluralistic heterogeneous and democratic society is supposed to be able to sustain.

Let me be your mirror, Skwierzyna is a cooperation with the City of Bernau, the City of Skwierzyna, Kontext-Labor-Bernau, the University of Arts Berlin (UdK) and 23 citizens from Skwierzyna: Otto Kazimierz, Danuta Sanko, Jerzy Kuźmicz, Ela Kdovieczna, Maria Muzia, Marianna Cap, Janina Ranis, Wieskalja Sobczak, Józefa Serewa, Teresa Jackowska, Kazimierz Wos, Emilia Liczbik, Yanina Szczupakowska, Elzbieta Gancarz, Yadwiga Debska, Alevtyna Kazakova, Tadeusz Krolikowski, Edmund Reszel, Leon Debski, Staniskaw Sienkiewicz, Rozalia Kujawiak, Jolanta Zasiadczyk and Wanda Imielita.